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Youth Demand and Climate Resistance disrupt David Lammy speech in London

Today, supporters of Youth Demand and Stop Polluting Politics disrupted David Lammy’s keynote speech at the Combating Transnational Kleptocracy Conference. Five action takers rose from the audience and spoke out on David Lammy’s financial ties to the Israel lobby amidst the ongoing genocide of Gaza and Labour’s donations from the major polluter Drax. [1]

Simultaneously, three more began chanting “Free Palestine!” outside the lecture theatre. As speakers were led out by security, they joined the protest in chanting “David Lammy – blood on your hands!” and “No more lies, we want action: arms embargo, energy sanctions!”.

David Lammy is a member of Labour Friends of Israel, who funded Lammy’s trip to Israel in 2022. Lammy also accepted £70,000 from Gaby Lubner, an Israeli lobbyist, and 8 days later, on the 15th of November, abstained from the ceasefire vote. Since becoming an MP, he has accepted further £32,550 from the pro-Israel lobby. [2] [3] [4]

David Lammy has refused to call for an immediate end to arms sales despite acknowledging the rising civilian death toll. Labour has faced an exodus of voters, with the party’s national election coordinator citing weak stances on Gaza among the chief causes. Over 800,000 civilians have fled from the city of Rafah as Israeli troops gather for an invasion of the previously designated safe zone. [5] [6] [7]

In February 2024, the Labour Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves announced the party would be scrapping its £28bn green investment pledge, shortly after she accepted a £10,000 donation from the notorious climate sceptic Lord Donaghue. [8]

Sam Simons, a spokesperson for Stop Polluting Politics, said:

“David Lammy is here claiming to tackle financial crime and illicit finance yet his own financial records are unclear or controversial. He’s repeatedly taken money from the pro-Israel lobby and then attempted to justify Israel’s war crimes. With their refusal to call for an end to arms sales, the Labour Party is complicit in Israel’s genocide of Gaza. How can we expect our politicians to represent us when there is a lack of transparency in their financial records? David Lammy has obvious incentives. We demand to know who’s side he’s on. Does David Lammy work for us, or for them?”

Olivia Burnett from Youth Demand was one of those taking action today. They said:

“The young people of this country see through Labour’s lies and empty promises. David Lammy has so much power and influence, yet he chooses to do nothing. He has repeatedly failed to back calls for a ceasefire and for an arms embargo – which is unsurprising considering he has accepted £32,000 in funding from Israeli lobbyists over his career. Money talks in Westminster. I will be taking action again in June as part of mass youth-led resistance every Saturday in London.”

Young people will not accept billionaires profiting whilst the world burns. Young people all over the country are coming together to resist. Join your local university encampment or step into action at



Photos and video from this action available here. Please credit Stop Polluting Politics.

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Notes to Editors

[1] Youth Demand is a new youth resistance campaign fighting for an end to genocide. Youth Demand a two-way arms embargo on Israel and an end to new oil and gas drilling. Youth Demand is part of Umbrella and a member of the A22 Network of civil resistance projects.