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Young people are stepping into resistance

Join us on 22nd June at 12pm, Victoria Embankment Gardens, London, to take action!

Then we will cause mass disruption in London 13th-20th July, because there can be no ‘business as usual’ until Palestine is free.

Join a Zoom call every Thursday at 7pm to hear the full plan.

The Tories and Labour don’t give a single fuck about human life. They will see millions slaughtered if it means their friends making a quick buck.

They are fully backing the live-streamed genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. They want to keep drilling for oil, knowing carbon bombs will kill hundreds of millions across the global south.

Young people are not stupid. We see through the bullshit, and we demand better. We are coming together to take nonviolent direct action. We will put our bodies on the gears of the machine to stop the killing.

We have two demands: a two-way arms embargo on Israel and an end to new oil and gas drilling. Until these are met, we will be in resistance against those with blood on their hands.

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