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Declaration of Youth Rebellion

To the British Government and the Labour Party, You are finished. Your total disregard for human life has united millions in the fight against our criminal political system. Both the Conservatives and the Labour Party are complicit in genocide. You both back selling weapons to Israel and drilling for more oil and gas in the North Sea. These are the guns used to murder Palestinian children and the carbon that will kill across the Global South and within our own borders. Our democracy is horrifically broken. The duty then falls on the people, with the young at the helm, to replace this system with one based on love, compassion, justice and equality. This is what we are going to do. We are Youth Demand. We are launching a campaign of nonviolent resistance against the government and the Labour Party in the face of the crimes you are commiting. Young people demand an end to the killing. Both parties must commit to:

  1. Imposing an immediate two-way arms embargo on Israel,
  2. Stopping the development of new oil and gas, including the licences granted since 2021.

We are beyond furious at your evil and cowardice. But we act out of a fierce love for our brothers and sisters around the world, not hate for you. When all is said and done, history will remember the blood on your hands. Today we declare our resistance against these crimes. We will be relentless in pursuing these demands because life depends on it. But this is only the beginning. Your betrayal of our generation will result in the most unimaginable outbreak of collective power, creativity, love and defiance. So we can’t say we have nothing to thank you for. See you on the streets. Yours sincerely, Youth Demand.